The Advisory Council

During the 2015 conference, there was significant discussion about what our community might want to do beyond the biennial conferences. With a recognition that non-conference related activities and support for the community would be outside of conference planning committees’ responsibilities and would require continuity from conference to conference, the 2017 planning committee proposed the formation of an advisory council. They invited members from the 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2017 planning committees to volunteer. Previous planning committee members were invited because they have been most intimately involved with the culture, history and needs of our community through planning, funding, and facilitating conferences.

Those who stepped forward arrived early to the 2017 conference and participated in a facilitated meeting to discuss what might be required of such a council. They subsequently led a series of “Visioning Gen X” conversations with support of the facilitator during which the community discussed a range of issues. The advisory council has continued to meet regularly post-conference and has been considering ways in which we can support the community.

One of the initial efforts was to support the transition from the 2017 conference planning committee to the 2019 planning committee.  As in the past, the planning committee is charged with the logistics of planning and organizing the next conference. As part of its role in holding the larger Gen X community, the advisory council has offered to support the 2019 planning committee by serving as a resource for community history, providing them with necessary information and conference materials, and supporting them in decisions about the conference that impact the community beyond the conference. The relationship between the advisory council and the planning committee is  mutually supportive rather than hierarchical.

The advisory council has also been considering what might be helpful in building community, and we will need your feedback and wisdom as we move forward to serve our unique developing community.

The present members of the advisory council are:

  • Sumi Loundon Kim (2011)
  • Brother Phap Hai (2013)
  • Rebecca Li (2015)
  • Rod Owens (2015)
  • Nina La Rosa (2017)
  • David Iozzi (2017)
  • Vimalasara Mason-John (2019)
  • Grace Song (2019)

If you have any questions for the advisory council, please email us at: