Join us for this half-day online gathering this June 5th from 7-11am PDT

We are excited to come together during this strange and challenging time to keep the momentum and continuity of our community flowing. Some of our purposes for this half-day gathering include strengthening our connections, exploring our commitment to the work of bringing Dharma into the world, and enriching our relationships with each other and our communities. We also plan to engage in conversation around and introduce the theme for our next in-person GenX gathering, to be held from July 13-17, 2022 at the Won Dharma Center in upstate New York. 

The theme for that gathering is that of Emerging Buddhisms. Emerging Buddhisms includes an exploration of how we, as younger Dharma teachers, work to creatively manifest the Buddhist teachings in the midst of such social, environmental, and political concerns as (among others): the COVID-19 pandemic; the raising of consciousness and healing around issues of racial injustice, white supremacy, and violence; the abuse and discrimination against Asian Americans, Asians, and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) in the wake of the pandemic; and the rapidly advancing consequences of the climate emergency. This is not to fully explore these rich topics on June 5th, but to plant the seed and encourage Dharma teachers to carry this theme into their work and lives over the coming year in preparation for joining together in-person in 2022.

We invite Buddhist Dharma Teachers from any Buddhist denomination born between the years of 1960 -1982 to register for this engaging online retreat. We are greatly looking forward to seeing everyone, old and new, in order to deepen our friendships and learn from each other’s wisdom and experience.

7-11am (PDT)

2019 GenX Conference at Great Vow

Please join us and help spread the word to your communities, and specifically to any new GenX Dharma Teachers who might be interested in attending!

Emerging Buddhisms

Sharing Elements of our Lineage

Building Relationship within our Growing Sangha