About Us

GenX Buddhist Teachers Sangha

GenX Buddhist Teachers Sangha began with a conference in 2011 at the Garrison Institute in Garrison, New York. Since then GenX Buddhist teachers have convened every two years to continue supporting and learning from each other. We have benefited from collaboration with a number of dharma organizations who have generously offered space to host our conferences. Deer Park Monastery hosted the conference in California in 2013, Dharma Drum Retreat Center hosted it in New York in 2015, Dharma Ocean Retreat Center hosted it in Crestone, Colorado in 2017, Great Vow Zen Monastery hosted it in Clatskanie, Oregon in 2019.

GenX Buddhist teachers from around the globe come together to:

  • Meet other GenX teachers
  • Deepen relationships
  • Discuss the particular concerns of teachers in our generation
  • Delve into topics of current interest
  • Address issues relevant to the international Dharma community

GenX Buddhist Teachers Sangha Conference is unique in its nonsectarian, pan-Buddhist character. It is dedicated to fostering communication and collaboration across different traditions of Buddhism. The conference has hosted teachers representing traditions and lineages across the Theravada, Mahayana, Vajrayana and Ekayana vehicles. In terms of geography, teachers have traveled from the United States, Canada, England, and France to attend.

The conferences strive to ensure diversity across lineages, ethnicity, race, and sexual orientation, as well as balance between genders and monastic/lay status. Diversity and inclusion is a value central to our mission.

GenX Buddhist Teachers Sangha Conference helps the next generation of Buddhist teachers meet the needs of the ever-changing Buddhist landscape in the West. We support committed, active Buddhist teachers to learn from, support, and inspire each other by coming together as a community. Our conferences support diversity, curiosity, integrity and reflect a strong grounding in the Dharma.

A few of our Goals:

  • To foster collaborative learning, respect and community engagement for the next generation of Buddhist teachers, across lineages.
  • To explore salient issues of teaching the dharma: including authenticity, lineage, diversity, colonialism, race, gender, ethics and power. To foster relationship building while exploring these issues.
  • To provide support for professional development and to lay the groundwork for a formalized association of this next generation of Buddhist teachers.

Please see “Forum: The Road Ahead” in Buddhadharma Magazine, January 2016 for a discussion between four GenX teachers.