Upcoming Events

The next in-person Gen X teachers’ gathering is now scheduled for July 13-17, 2022, at the beautiful Won Dharma Center in Claverack, NY.

While more details on the 2022 gathering will follow, we hope you will join us for our 1/2 day online gathering this June 5th!


6:30 am: Zoom Room open – Meditation Space

7:00 am: Welcome and Opening Ceremony

7:20 am: Exploring the Theme “Emerging Buddhisms”

8:00 am: Gen X Buddhist Teachers’ Sangha Advisory Council Announcements

8:10 am: Presentation #1 (Samaneti & Akutobhaya)
“Insights from Teaching Dhamma in High-Security Prisons”
Acharyas Samaneti and Akutobhaya have served as full-time prison chaplains in Canada for over 7 years. They will speak about the influence of prison on their understanding and teaching of Dhamma. They hope in sharing their experiences to offer a context for important questions about conflict, control, and discomfort for all Dharma teachers.

After each of the three presentations there will be 15-minute small group discussions in breakout rooms, followed by a short break.

8:50 am: Presentation #2 (Rev. Henry Adam)
“Black Lives Matter to Amida Buddha: How the Larger Sutra Has Guided My Conversations With the Sangha About Race and Compassion”
This talk will include personal reflections on how Pure Land Buddhist teachings, including liberation from the six paths of birth (hell beings, hungry ghosts, animals, humans, fighting titans/asuras, and heavenly beings/devas) and the compassionate vows of Amida Buddha, have provided illuminating clarity for conversations at the San Mateo Buddhist Temple about race and compassion over this past year.

9:30 am: Presentation #3 (Kritee Kanko, PhD)
“Buddhism Amidst Extreme Inequalities, Pandemic and Climate Crisis”
Kanko will draw on her experience of losing several very close friends and family members in India to COVID-19 in April-May 2021 and talk about what helped anchor her own life in the past two months. She will address how these recent experiences are informing her work at the intersection of Buddhism and activism.  Overall, this short talk will look at ways to hold grief and uncertainties in our sangha in these times of accelerating global changes including climate crisis and systemic inequalities. 

10:15 am: Collective Inquiry

10:45 am: Closing Ceremony

11:00 am: Break out session for those who can stay and engage

11:20 am: Close the Zoom room